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About Me

Yo vivo en Mexico!

It's so exciting! It's so wonderful! Invigorating! Satisfying! What a magnificent life I have!

No boasting, just basking in my moment. 

So, who am I and how did I get all the way to Mexico? I'm Frenchi, no "E"... 40 years old and some change. I'm a spiritual air sign with 5 children whom I absolutely adore. Best seeds I've ever planted and harvested. I'm from New Orleans where we "make groceries" and "draw bath water." I enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and sitting pool side. I'm a foodie and love to eat. I LOVE to eat. I'm always on the hunt for the best coffee and don't mind spending my dollars on a good chapstick. I'm a plant mommee and gardener, I'm also a great cook and baker. 

I've lived all across the southern states for a short times here and there before deciding to settle in Texas. I lived in Houston for a good 10+ years total. I was beat and tired, extremely. Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally drained. After years of feeling stuck and lost in the sauce, my spirit told me to bounce and without hesitation, bounce I did.

I'm here today to share my joy, my laughs and my experiences living and exploring different countries, offering various mom hacks and maybe a few "whoa is me" if you guys don't mind. 

So welcome, all of you, to my life A Blog.

~Frenchi A La Carte

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