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When the feeling of an accomplishment is bigger than the actual goal.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I find myself with new goals; small, for the moment, goals. Let me first congratulate myself on completing not one but DOS of these said goals.

Now, once I let you in on what these goals are, you probably won't feel that same satisfaction I've felt after completing them and that's actually ok, you're here with me so lets get into it. we go...

I immediately got out of bed once my eyes opened. Well, I'm excited for that. Not only did I hop out of bed but I made it, I make my bed everyday but today! Today I fluffed all the pillows AND removed lint & loose hair from my blanket. Still not impressed? Ok. A little bit of a backstory, I normally stay in bed until waaaay mid morning on most days. I lay and I think, ok so I'm honestly not thinking at all. I just let my mind take over without our daily back & forth arm wrestling match. What does my mind tend to do? Open all the No's and Nope's and OMG! why are we thinking about this, type of situations. Usually, before I know it, I'm already in a slump and that's my direction for the day. I have to fight with my own mind to stay focused and try to find some positive in starting another "meh" of a day. I'm really working on this part of myself, I'm not a fan 2/10, wouldn't recommend.

My second accomplished goal was to concentrate on maintaining a good facial regimen. Just like Fenty makeup, I buy all the things facial but I never seem to get into it. Impulse buying, I've been working on that too. Be proud of me, I haven't purchased any items in months. It helps when things aren't easily accessible to me and I'm fine with that. I gave myself a mini facial and while I was on a roll I decided to clean, um straighten those exact items on my sink counter. I really just moved everything from one end to the other, but in a neat way. Don't judge me. I wiped off a few water droplets and cleaned the smudged hand prints from a small human off the massive bathroom mirror that I've been blessed and cursed with. I smile back at myself before I head to the shower and now its time to get dressed.

The weather is amazing now with a breeze that I've longed for daily in this Mexico heat. Amazing to me is when the sun is happy and playing peak-a-boo with the trees because when he has his lil attitude he takes it out on the little people, me, by backyard grilling my neck and frying my arms, fish fried hard, please. Just so you know, this Mexican sun ain't no joke, but I feel incredible today, I'm in such a great mood. I reach for the dopest, blackest representing shirt and the darkest, most comfy yoga shorts I could find. Back to my bed but only to sit and rub some moisture on these dry, prickly pear, banana colored ham hocks I call legs. I swear if I rub with haste I'd give myself a rug burn. Ok, enough of the self roasting, I'm ready to head out since I've spent another sixteen minutes pulling more lint from this darn blanket...not today devil, the weather is gorgeous. Thinking back, the lint roller would have been more beneficial.

Ugh, procrastination at its finest, another thirteen unnecessary minutes go by scrolling thru social media. I'm leaving, somewhere, anywhere, just out of here.

Red chucks would go better with my shirt but green sits deep in my heart. I'm finally driving, I pull into this cute cafe & bistro, Coffee St. Fitz, a franchise I believe. I've been here a couple times, I do like the place, the vibe is nice, really good coffee. Awesome wifi. You are greeted at the door with hand sanitizer and temperature check, as all the places in Merida does. There are about eight tables with four chairs per table. To the left of the entrance, on the counter top, are baked goods, behind it is where the coffee machines are and next to the door leading into the kitchen. It's a narrow space there but they all seem quite comfortable with each other. "Solo una persona", I say to her, "adelante", she says back to me. I grab a seat tucked away in the corner and away from the world. I scan the barcode for wifi and then the menu, as if I'll be ordering something different from my usual.

I like the breakfast here. I ordered Huevos al Gusto, heuvos revueltos y cafe americano con leche y azucar. It's always a light meal though, never the chicken & waffles with roasted pecans and sprinkled powder sugar and buttermilk-maple syrup with a side of waffle and two cups of coffee and a mimosa, that I'm used to having every Sunday in the states. I try not to scarf it down too quickly, ya know, people are watching. Yea, right, that has never stopped me, it only took several seconds to eat my breakfast. I did savor the flavor of my coffee while writing about one of the many times when my heart was broken into tiny shards. Words that will never be written on anyone's blog. I just recently started releasing thoughts, it's helpful, it hurts putting those words on paper but I'd rather have it far away from my spirit. Nonetheless, let me take a few pics and I'm off again. My total cost was $177 pesos, around $8.33 usd, well dang, looks like I'm splurging today.

I head on over to the fruiteria, yes! I'm still hungry. I buy my daily pineapple and have one of the guys clean and chop it for me. It costs me $20 pesos or $1 usd. No typo, 1 US Dollar. Eating while strolling, looks like my day is leading me to furniture (window) shopping. I'm in and out of six various tiendas within a three hour time span, just like I'd do in the states when I don't have my days planned, but that's ok too, sometimes we need a day of doing not much of anything. So when I'm having a moment and want to stay in bed past morning, I'll stay in bed past morning. Who says it's right, who says it's wrong. It's my life, I live it the way I want to. At this moment in time I need peace & rest, something I've chased but could never catch up to. This morning I got up and moving and that in itself is a major accomplishment for some of us in 2021.

I'm heading home, sometimes I forget that the kids gotta eat too.

Until I write again,

Frenchi A-Blog

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