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Paint & Sip & Dine Inn

I'm excited to write about this post. It's been a two-week whirlwind! OMG...So much to say! Let me first say that the weather here has been absolutely amazing! Just lovely. It's breezy, warm, the sun is out but not scorching and we're able to open the doors and windows to enjoy it. At night it's cold, Mexico cold, and I love it. A few snow flurries and I'll be in heaven. Today we're having a cold front, not one seen in over twenty-five years I've heard. My day is starting off great. Side note, I know I talk about the weather in damn near all my blogs, but for some reason the weather dictates my day somehow. I'm not sure what it is or what to call it. If anyone knows please email or comment because I need insight.

Last night we had an event. An event that I had been planning for over two weeks. One of the moms in our "Merida Mom Group" brought it to everyone's attention that my second oldest baby, Amiya, is an artist and she'd maybe be interested in doing a Paint & Sip. I let Amiya know and she agreed instantly, super excited and nervous about the whole ordeal. And for those who know me, you know that I chimed in and mentioned that I'd be doing all the cooking. Goodness, I can't believe at this age I'm still "offering" my services. I'm kidding, I enjoy it! It made my daughter appreciate the support, her art and to believe in her own talent & abilities.

Starting off in true Frenchi fashion, it usually takes me over a week to prep depending on the size of the event. During this time, I'm honing in on my menu, envisioning how clean I want the place to be, recounting the guest list and fantasizing about the overall theme & vibe. I find my flow while trying to stick to the original plan and ask my deceased Nanny to guide me as I cook. She was a real gem and I miss her every. single. day. Monday comes around and I order my seafood from my guy Pablo, he brings it right over. Convenient, I prep and freeze for an easier flow. Tuesday thru Thursday I'm cleaning, shopping, and rearranging because of course there is no time for relaxation. I pick up a few new plant babies from the local nursery and a really cute rug to match. I'm also hyping up the attendees with "sneak peeks" of what's to come for the night. Sneak peeks but zero information. Amiya asked me why do I like to surprise people but I, myself, hate surprises. Um, no answer to that really, it's just how it is. Their excitement keeps me motivated and I want to do more. Amiya found an art store here, Arquline, with the exact items that we needed, whew chile, I thought I was gonna have to drive to the nearest Amazon facility because there was no way we would have gotten the things she needed before the event. That was more fuel, at this point we're stoked! Oh, I forgot to mention my oldest daughter, Avian, is here for a visit so we had to throw in a beach day or two into the equation. We also got to see a beautiful cenote, blog on that coming real soon.

The day is here, finally, it's Friday! Yesterday I picked up my dress from my seamstress, I will not be releasing her information since I haven't been pleased with her previous work, so much so, this was her last job for me and of course the damn thing came out great. Amiya also found the cutest pantalones at Hindustyle, a local clothing shop that sells clothes and trinkets from India. Yea, it looks funny walking into the place too. Cute shop though, we randomly rode up on it.

I wake up and do my lil thing which involves lying in bed wrapping my mind around the items not completed on my own honey-do list all while trying to remain calm about it. Only when my mind is at ease, I start my day fully knowing there won't be any seconds spared. I do what I do and I'm on a roll. I'm cooking with grease now babe. My gumbo was grown & sexy, red beans were banging, meatballs on "Mardi Gras Mambo" and my mac n cheese stay camera ready! Also on the list were deviled eggs, crab cake stuffed prawns, dirty rice and shrimp & grits, it was New Orleans in Mexico. "Laissez le bon temps rouler". For dessert we indulged in peach cobbler egg rolls dusted in cinnamon & sugar and beignets smothered in white crack, just like the originals. What didn't get cooked was the chicken wings, crab cakes and salmon, sorry ya'll, I didn't have anything left in the tank. Everyone was given the opportunity to bring a signature cocktail for the night and that alone was a high life in itself. All the food was made by the same hands I type these blogs with. I'm capable but I won't brag too much, I see the guests are doing so by posting about the night on their social media pages. I bask in the happiness of others. It puts me in a safe space. I will add that I cannot express how appreciated I felt with all the compliments I received. Pre Mexico-I'd be like, "chill...chill" and won't accept compliments or praises, weird and unusual for sure. That night showed me that it's ok to be thanked and appreciated for my art, my creations were life that night.

After everyone ate but before the second drink was presented it was time to paint. My poor baby, it was her first Paint & Sip, she was so nervous to lead her students. "Mom I need you", she knows I'm always here for her. I guided her on what to say, got everyone's attention and slowly backed away and let her do her thing. Ya'll drove my baby crazy, lol! It was ALOT going on, but I remember having a few proud moments. She gave them a tutorial on how to create skin toned colors, which colors to mix, how much to use and guided some on their brush stroke techniques. All I heard was, "what's a fan brush?", "how much blue?", "do we need white yet?", "I think I used too much red!" "oops, I spilled mine!" I couldn't do anything but laugh. She had her moment, got the lil twinkle in her eye, but most importantly I hope she takes this as a lesson and inspiration. She, too, was complimented all night and into the next day.

I'm old, at one point I had to go to my room and recenter myself. My son followed me and sat quietly until I was recharged. I appreciate his understanding of his mother and within a few minutes I was back at it. No one knew a thing. The party lasted just about all night, almost into the next day, literally. I let my guests bring their kids, I know how it is trying to find a sitter and especially one in a new country, so of course, bring the babies. They ate, played games and had coloring pages ready for them. To my surprise, EVERYONE got along, that's MY type of crowd! The night ended with good chats, doggy bags and everyone doing their part with the clean-up. One by one their Ubers picked them up until it was none. There was nothing left, we put our all into this event and we are done! Super tired! An amazing night!

We hope to continue to rent out space for this type of event. I'd love for my daughter to continue cultivating and thriving in her talents. She wants her "something" and I believe she's finally found it. If you're in the area and would like to book her, you can contact me through email or any social media platform.

Until my next post!

Frenchi, A-Blog

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