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Marshmallows over Turkey!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Yo vivo en Mexico! (I live in Mexico!) And with that, out goes "American" traditions. Traditions = Slaughtering? Ok, we're so brainwashed to believe the hype. A man, excuse me, a menace and his minions were lost at sea only to be rescued by a collective of humans who never knew their fate. A slaughtering was had and now we "celebrate" that "tradition"...the good ole American way. Nah don't come for me! I know Turkey Day is a free day or excuse for black families to get together and reminisce about our grandparents walking 17 football fields to school. Or maybe get into a heated debate on who's football team is better and why. You like it, I love it but I'm also bored. I digress.

This year we enjoyed Turkey Day glamping at this fabulous, yet inexpensive camp ground in Yucatan. It was safe, incredibly comfy and family friendly. HAMEKI (Ah-Meh-Kee) was more like a tiny house community rather than a camp site in the woods. HAMEKI is about a 45 minute drive from north of Merida or 60 minute or so from Centro Merida. Located in Homun, which is well known for very impressive cenotes, is a quaint and rural yet safe city. The kids and I glamp often and we were definitely missing that part of our lives that we left in the states. I've been wanting to go camping since moving here but rebuying all of my equipment just doesn't sit well with me at the moment. A quick google search and I found HAMEKI.

HAMEKI offers yurk style accommodations up to 2 beds per tent. Free parking is plentiful for the amount of glamping tents offered. A free 3-cenote tour is included in the costs of your stay. Upon entering the camp site don't forget to pose for a flick with the "HAMEKI" welcome sign with your entourage. Keepsakes are a must!

Once entering, the open eating dining area is directly to the left including the check in/reception desk. Its small, its just a table with a laptop. There is ample seating to enjoy a cup of coffee alone or a large dinner feast with your entire crew. The kitchen is directly on your right side. A volleyball net and open play area is in the middle of the two. There are co-restrooms with showers on the same side as the dining hall, separated by a divider. The bathrooms were clean and well maintained.

Walking forward from the entrance is the pool. Its gorgeous, an awesome back drop for any social media pics. Colorful and comfy hammocks rests between the pool and grassy area. An absolutely perfect spot for catching just enough sun and a whole lot of breeze. It was in this spot where I took a few moments to exhale. Releasing all of the tension from coordinating & packing necessities, to the drive up and battling the always annoyed teenagers . That decompression was exactly what I needed in order to inhale positive vibes and create open space in my mind. Once I got the rejuvenation I needed we headed on to our sleeping quarters, but not before stopping by to say hi to the camps pet turtle. "Little" turtle had its own home and fed off the palm tree available in its space. In that same area is a jacuzzi sized pool and an area for roasting marshmallows and singing old Mayan spirituals.

The visuals walking up to your glamping tent can hold a candle to any one of your favorite 5-star hotel. The lights, palm trees and ambiance is exquisite at moon fall. The night remains at a stillness and the wind is as brisk as cold brewed tea. We roasted marshmallows by the fire and later watch a kiddy movie all provided by the facility. In the glamping tent, the beds were slightly firm, which I can definitely appreciate with the aches in this back of mine. Also included are two stand alone fans, a small bistro table with two chairs, one nightstand and electrical sockets. Bedtime was full of laughs and cuddles until everyone finally drifted off to sleep.

HAMEKI is amazing, a very enjoyable experience. The staff is incredibly hands on and helpful. The food was good and the jamaica de agua was one of the best I've tasted since being in Mexico. We're going back, without a doubt we will return. The peace this place offered is memorable and something to chase.

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