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Leaving the "Land of the Free" was an easy decision.

Let me jump right into it...

Living in Texas for the past ten years were physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Ok, maybe just the last four. Nonetheless, they were difficult. I'm still unsure of the W's, What, Why & When. There are no explanations. No rhyme or reason. It was something, something not sitting right in my spirit. I became recluse and suffered in silence. I couldn't find the words, I didn't know what was happening. Could it have been my environment? Sure. The struggles of being an adult, quite possibly. Whatever it was, my spirit told me to bounce and so I did.

The universe led me to Yucatan, Mexico which is currently giving off a countenance. I'm enjoying it! My kids are enjoying it! We are indeed, happy. Although, not without struggles in the beginning, this place has welcomed my family with the brightest of smiles and biggest hearts. It's homey, quiet and peaceful, it's all of the above that I was looking for in the place I where grew up, raised my children and where I called home.

The hard part was leaving my oldest child behind. She'd just recently, finally, landed her dream job a month before our move date, truly the hardest decision of my adult life. Without a doubt. Ever. I was able to get her settled into her new, temporary, home in Colorado one week before our flight out of Texas. She was a ball of nerves but equally excited. I, on the other hand, was crumbling internally. At twenty-two it was her first time leaving the nest. I'm so proud of her, I'm proud of all of them. They are instinctively who I am, minus the childhood trauma, aggression and everything that evolved from it. I’ll loop back around to that on another blog.

Moving forward, just like writing a term paper, putting the work into research was, at times, draining and consuming. I was consciously and unconsciously obsessed with the idea of moving out of the country. I spent many late nights staring at words on my laptop and videos on my computer. I was determined, I needed my “something”, I needed my children to see me happy again. I needed to feel happy again. This was it, I knew it, I felt it. I was ready, my moment was near.

It took me about three months to pack. In that timeframe I sold most of my “impulsive, overly hoarded items that I thought would make me happy if I purchased it” belongings and stored what was left. We stored our winter clothes, all of my african sculptures, art and my boho chic furniture. I kept my camping equipment, my workout machines and I my Lodge and Le Creuset cookware. My vehicles are still stateside for reasons I can’t come up with at the moment. I would love to have my own vehicle here, hopefully soon I'll come up with something.

August 9th, 2021.

Its move day, finally! With our 20+ bags (luggage straps, I HIGHLY recommend luggage straps) and my four kids in tow we hopped on a Southwest flight from Houston to Cancun then took a four hour Ado bus ride to Merida, MX. I did it! I did it! I’ve escaped the racism, the struggle, the rat race and the Jones’. The flight was smooth but anxious. Unfortunately, I don't deal well with being rushed or pressured by outside instances anymore. It's my brain, she's tired. I normally arrive at least three hours before take off, this is to keep my anxiety down and it actually helps me process the rushes of everything. And with that, what an experience indeed.

So welcome, all of you, to my life A Blog! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you who have felt the same or are thinking about moving out the country.

Frenchi A Blog

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