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[S5E10] Super Troopers __LINK__

We're post-elimination, and Coco feels good. She hopes to rewrite her narrative arc, announcing, "Now it's time to be America's next drag superstar. Thank you, girls!" It's misplaced hope, but Coco doesn't know that yet.

[S5E10] Super Troopers

RuPaul's Drag Race is a Primetime Emmy Award winning American reality competition television series, hosted by five time Emmy Award Winning Host and international Drag superstar RuPaul. The show features drag queen contestants competing in weekly challenges such as photo shoots, comedy performances and stomping the runway in the hopes of avoiding the bottom two - where they will have to lip sync for their lives.

The Late Philip J. Fry works so well because it uses time travel as a device to tell a more meaningful and intimate story while also exhibiting a raft of surreally possible futures ranging from giraffes enslaving humans to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As is so often the case with Futurama, multiple distinct layers are always co-existing side-by-side, an undercurrent of sincerity and warmth playing under the superficial sci-fi trappings, all bolstered by a uniquely brilliant sense of humour. 041b061a72

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