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And this moral loneliness, mocked by those outside of it, tempted him against everything he had preached and stood for during his life and ministry. What made his sacrifice so special was not that he died a victim of violence (millions die as victims of violence and their deaths aren't necessarily special) nor that he refused to use divine power to stop his death (as he himself taught, that would have proved nothing). What made his death so special is that, inside of all the aloneness, darkness, jealousy, misunderstanding, sick crowd hysteria, coldness, and murder, he held out, he gave himself over, without bitterness, without self-pity, holding his ideals intact, gracious, respectful, forgiving, without losing his balance, his meaning, or his message.


As tortured in his own way as Vann, Doug gets into physical fights with himself during which he gives himself a black eye. At the post office, Vann also meets Ferrin (Janeane Garofalo), a shy, lonely, hard-drinking young woman who fancies him as a boyfriend. An awkward romance develops until their first serious embrace when Vann's repressed psychopathic rage spontaneously asserts itself.

On August 16, 1900, Lazear inoculated himself. In an effort to confront anticipated ethical criticisms about using human subjects, the board members decided that they themselves would volunteer. The perceived level of danger that this presented, however, depended on how seriously the volunteers took the mosquito-vector theory. Throughout August 1900, the lack of confirmatory results made the mosquito-vector theory less and less plausible. After several failed inoculations with other volunteers, James Carroll (another physician board member) volunteered for self-experimentation on August 27. Several sources revealed that Carroll did not expect to get yellow fever from the inoculation because inoculations at this point were more likely to disprove rather than support the mosquito theory. It is probable the board wanted to move on to something more productive.

Everything changed when Carroll unexpectedly came down with a severe case of yellow fever a few days later. On the same day that his illness was confirmed, Lazear inoculated a Private Dean with an infected mosquito. By most accounts the inoculation was hasty and may well have been performed with a misleading disclosure of the risks to the young soldier. Dean came down with yellow fever around September 6, 1900. The spate of confirmatory results led the remaining board members to halt their own self-experimentation. Despite this, Lazear very likely inoculated himself again on September 13, with an infected mosquito. Tragically, he developed yellow fever and died 1 week later.

Described as a "Born Loser" who failed at everything, who lost to everyone at everything, which in turn made him stronger than everyone. He was always negative, and could hurt people as easily as you and I breathe. His need to destroy was as strong as one's need to eat. He was the type that seriously contemplated killing every human on the face of the planet, himself included. Medaka didn't see that as a challenge, so she tried to talk to him, to sympathize with him. She never once thought that she'd lose, but she couldn't defeat Kumagawa, which led her to using Perses Mode for the first time. She attacked him and forced him to leave the school, but she still felt crushed by the fact that she couldn't do anything positive for him. To this day, she still berates herself for not being able to help Kumagawa.

Kumagawa then transfered into Hakoniwa Academy and Class -13. He doesn't understand or try to understand others, ignoring their feelings all together. For example, he healed Maguro Kurokami's internal wounds, the wounds that were important to Maguro himself. He doesn't mind killing people and he does it with a smiling face. Medaka describes him as a compulsive liar who doesn't ever say anything truthful. He apparently does have other emotions as he was very angry when Zenkichi Hitoyoshi regained his sight after he had turned it to nothingness with his minus. He also dislikes Najimi Ajimu, whom he sees when he "dies". After being reformed and becoming a member of the Student Council however, Kumagawa's ability to break other people's hearts is shown in a more comedic light; simply announcing to all the potential freshman by calling them "minor characters" comically causes them to collapse from heartbreak (though this was done to weed out all the unsuitable candidates for the next Student Council). Kumagawa is also shown to have a somewhat perverted personality, having a preference for girls dressed in naked aprons (resulting in the Candidate Student Council labeling him as "Naked-Apron Senpai"), later hand bra jeans, and most recently open-front hooded sweatshirts.

Kumagawa does become the Student Council president shortly after, with Sukinasaki as his general affairs manager. On a Monday during first period, Sukinasaki bursts into the council room, crying about her unnaturally blonde hair, interrupting Kumagawa as he reads Weekly Shōnen Jump. Kumagawa stops reading, and asks her if her hair is such a problem that she had to interrupt his reading time. When he notices her hair color, he smiles and assures her that she will not be fired for it. After hearing that student Fude Ezumachi is most likely the culprit, Kumagawa states he has not heard of such a person. Sukinasaki explains that Jakago made Ezumachi leave before Kumagawa's enrollment, who adds that he does not remember Jakago either. When Sukinasaki tells him that Ezumachi can control colors, Kumagawa is not surprised, since his Jump magazine is fully colored. Kumagawa believes this and Sukinasaki's hair are just a form of greeting from the returned Ezumachi. Kumagawa gets up and tells Sukinasaki that they will meet with Ezumachi, not to fix her hair, but to educate him that, besides the recycled paper, only popular or new series are allowed to be colored in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Kumagawa and Sukinasaki find Ezumachi painting a portrait of Jakago. Kumagawa asks him who is in the portrait. Both Ezumachi and Sukinasaki clarify it is the previous president that Kumagawa himself took down. Kumagawa laughs, saying she must have suffered terribly by his hands, and throws a screw at the painting. Kumagawa justifies himself by stating Ezumachi ruined her hair, which in turn is Kumagawa's hair, though Sukinasaki says her hair is not Kumagawa's property. In anger, Ezumachi throws a wave of palette knives at Kumagawa, piercing him throughout his body. Kumagawa rises, stating that Ezumachi's attack was no good as he did not aim for the vitals. Ezumachi turns Kumagawa's uniform pink, claiming that Kumagawa can never look intimidating in that color. Kumagawa smiles, accepting the attack on his dignity, but arguing it will not work if he has no clothes. Kumagawa takes off his shirt and lunges at Ezumachi with his screws. Ezumachi counters using the color blue, causing bruises to appear all over Kumagawa's skin. Kumagawa collapses in pain.

After one month of Kumagawa's term as Student Council president, Sukinasaki controls the former Student Council and several other students to surround Kumagawa,[18] with the intention of returning the recovered Jakago to power as her puppet ruler. Kumagawa questions why Sukinasaki does not simply take over herself.[19] Hearing her motivation however, leaves Kumagawa unimpressed, as he compares her goals to those of a Not Equal. As Sukinasaki prepares to leave, he wonders how she plans to contain him when he can revive himself. Sukinasaki tells Kumagawa her plan: to have the ten students surrounding him keep killing him everytime he dies, trapping his in a loop of perpetual death and resurrection.[20] The moment Sukinasaki turns her back, Kumagawa instantly defeats her puppets. He explains to a stunned Sukinasaki that he invited her to join his Student Council so that they would grow close to one another; subconsciously, Sukinasaki did not want to kill Kumagawa, so her puppets did not try to kill him. A trembling Sukinasaki accepts her loss, just before Kumagawa puts a screw through her head. Suisou Academy collapsed without its puppet master, and Kumagawa erased Sukinasaki's memories as a matter of course.[21]

Kumagawa repeats that he is not sorry,[23] and denies his name, claiming he is actually his younger twin brother, Yuki Kumagawa. He then laughs, claiming it was just a lie. He uses a cloth to wipe off some of the blood on his face.[24] Kumagawa gets in Zenkichi's face, sneering at him for their impossibly different personalities. He then shifts his attention to Akune, cheerily reminding his former subordinate of his time as the Destroyer, before groping Mogana Kikaijima. She knocks his hand away, but Kumagawa has healed her injuries, and repaired her clothes. He asks her if her loved ones are safe. When she questions him about Umumichi Yakushima and Sotsu Tanegashima, he replies that he doesn't even know who she is, but that he will remember the names of those who are close to her. Kumagawa moves on to Maguro, pulling up his shirt to reveal his scars. Maguro declines Kumagawa's offer to heal his scars, but Kumagawa heals them anyway, ignoring Maguro's protests. When Medaka asks if he has anything to say to her, he says he doesn't but then asks her the way to the chairman's office, explaining that he just transferred to Hakoniwa Academy today, and is lost. When Oudo Miyakonojou approaches him, Kumagawa apologizes that he cannot understand his feelings, but tries to make up for it by stabbing himself in the head with one of his screws. He then makes his own way to the chairman's office, but not before wishing Medaka luck as a former Student Council president.[25]

The day after he transfers in, Kumagawa sends Mukae Emukae to the Ghost Babel to acquire it for Class -13 as their new classroom.[29] When he first meets Emukae, he tells her not to fight Medaka, Maguro, or Akune, but tells her that Zenkichi is just a Normal, and if she meets him, getting along with him should be fine.[30] Walking around campus, Kumagawa runs into Hitomi, who he immediately recognizes as his first love. He tells her he was going to buy some porn magazines on his way home, and, drawing out his screws, invites her to come with him.[31] Shortly after, Hitomi escapes Kumagawa, who laments that he has been dumped. Surveying the battlefield, he remarks that it is a pain to be disliked by the person he loves.[32] Kumagawa approaches the defeated Emukae, surprised to hear that Zenkichi gave her his hand. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes, and takes her hand despite her protests. As the side of his face rots away, Kumagawa promises her that he will make all the terrible things she does nothing. As Emukae begins to cry, Kumagawa comforts her, and tells her to forget about Zenkichi.[33] 041b061a72

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