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Download NBA Converted Zip

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Download NBA Converted zip

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Great News. Both the HCV General Project-based Waitlist and the General Mod Rehab Waitlist have been converted to site-based lists. Applicants now have the flexibility to be placed on the waiting list for the specific site they wish to live in. All applicants already on the General Project-based and Mod Rehab waiting lists have been placed on the site-based lists. These site-based lists will remain open until further notice. Below is a list of the Mod Rehab and Project-Based site-based lists, including their location.

To use the Zip archive package, download the archive and unpack it using WinZip or another tool that can read .zip files, then change location into the unpacked package directory. For example, using unzip, execute these commands:

NBA Jam TE - Double Z ModProject Time: 2 Weeks (May 2017) @ appx 40 hoursAdditional Time: Approx 125 hours for v2Plus: 80 hours (June & July 2018) for v3**CONTENTS*******INTRODUCTION**********VERSION HISTORY**********KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES**********CHARACTER CODES**********INSTRUCTION BOOKLET**********CREDITS**********INTRODUCTION*****The NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod vX.X.X (U) [h] [x].smc file is a modified SNES ROM of NBA Jam - Tournament Edition. Any IPS of this file should be patched to a headerless NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (U) [!] ROM.It can be opened and played via several emulators, including ZSNES or Snes9X for Windows and SuperRetro16 (f/k/a SuperGNES) for Android.The following is a list a known Windows or Android emulators within which this ROM works (note that it also works with Raspberry Pi/RetroArch software and the Super Everdrive):1) bSNES-plus v073+32) Snes9X v1.33a3) Snes9X v1.51.ep10r24) Snes9X v1.56.25) zSNES v1.516) SuperRetro16 v1.7.137) John SNES Lite v3.71*****VERSION HISTORY*****1.01: (5/6/17) Replaced BJ Armstrong profile with Jordan.1.02: Replaced Longley profile with and fixed stats/name for Armstrong (Jordan) and Longley ().1.03: Added Rodman to Bulls roster and adjusted stats for Jordan (Armstrong) and (Longley).1.04: (5/7/17) Swapped Bulls roster order to move up (Longley) and put Benny near end of roster.1.05: Replaced secret character Facime portrait with , edited stats and name. 1.06: (5/8/17) Edited roll call (attract screen lineup) via XVI32 to replace Luc Longley with , and B.J. Armstrong with Michael Jordan, and added mod version number to copyright screen. [5/11/17 1.10]1.07: Edited copyright screen to add a return carriage to the mod version. [5/11/17 1.10]1.08: Edited hex addresses $148B1B, C, and D to adjust secret character (Facime) initials. [5/11/17 1.10] Button presses (B,B,A) and holding Start while pressing each are kept the same.From here, I can now modify any secret character's initials, portrait, palette, and stats. I also am researching how to modify sprites to copy other unique ones, like Rodman or Worthy or Divac (to get ?s beard).1.09:(5/9/17) At address $1FC7D5 and 6, changed face bytes from 63 B8 to C3 B7 to give secret character a beard (Vlade Divac's). Facime is no more. [5/11/17 1.10]At address $1FBA87 and 8, changed face bytes from 97 B7 to C3 B7 to give Bulls player a beard (Vlade Divac's). Longley is no more. [5/11/17 1.10]Also adjusted Armstrong face byte via hex editor to be bald (changed B8 23 to AF B7 at address $1FBA52 and 3. Air Jordan lives! [5/11/17 1.10]1.10 (5/10/17):At address $148B3F, 148B40, and 1, modified the Heavy D initials (player value 99). [5/11/17 1.10]At address $1FC88B and C, changed face bytes from 5B B8 (Heavy D) to AB B7 to give secret character Heavy D James Worthy's head/glasses. [5/11/17 1.10]Adjusted stats and nametags for secret characters Blazejowski and Heavy D. [5/11/17 1.10; PASS ON STATS!]At address $148AD3, 4, and 5 adjusted secret character Blazejowski initials to 37 17 37 (XXX). [5/11/17 1.10](5/12/17): Using the Player Editor, assigned Skiles and O'Neal (unused code in the ROM) to Orlando. Note: O'Neal uses A.C. Green's portrait by default.1.11:Replaced Green's portrait with Shaq's. Shaq is complete.Using the dext3r name editor, changed secret character Jazzy Jeff to Butler.Using the hex editor, edited Jazzy Jeff's head to mimic Will Smith's and edited stats to mimic Jimmy Butler's per NBA Jam 2k17.At address $148B45, 6 and 7, edited Jazzy Jeff's secret character initials to read BKT - 21 2A 33 (from 29 20 39). Just need to add the portrait.Edited All-Stars roster in Player Editor so that first slot is Dennis Rodman and Tera Patrick.(5/13/17): Added Butler's portrait. Secret character is complete.1.12:In name editor, replaced secret character John Carlton's name with Barkley.Via address $1FC825, modified Carlton's stats to match Barkley's per Mattrizzle's NBA Jam TE - Old School Ed. Also modified skin color and head.At address $148A8B, C, and D, changed initials code from 29 2C 22 to 32 28 31 (SIR).Replaced John Carlton's portrait with Barkley's. Secret character is complete.1.13:In name editor, replaced secret character Sal DiVita's name with Wade.Via address $1FC859, modified DiVita's stats to match Wade's per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified skin color and head.At address $148A8B, C, and D, changed initials code from 32 20 0B to 23 36 03 (DWD).Replaced Sal DiVita's portrait with Wade's. Secret character is complete.1.14:In name editor, replaced secret character Shaun Liptak's name with Lebron James.Via address $1FC88D, modified Liptak's stats to match James' per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified skin color and head (F7 B7).At address $148A97, 8, and 9, changed initials code from 12 2B 3A to 0A 2D 26 (KNG).Replaced Liptak's portrait with James'. Secret character is complete.1.15:In name editor, replaced secret character Tony Goskie's name with Westbrook.Via address $1FC751, modified Goskie's stats to match Westbrook's per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified skin color and head (F7 B7).At address $148A7F, 80, and 81, changed initials code from 33 16 26 to 31 14 32 (RUS).Replaced Goskie's portrait with Westbrook's. Secret character is complete.1.16:In name editor, replaced secret character Jamie Rivett's name with Curry.Via address $1FC80B, modified Rivett's stats to match Curry's per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified height and head (17 B8).At address $148A85, 6, and 7, changed initials code from 11 29 31 to 02 34 31 (CUR).Replaced Goskie's portrait with Westbrook's. Secret character is complete.1.17:In name editor, replaced secret character Scooter Pie's name with Griffin.Via address $1FC789, modified Scooter Pie's stats to match Griffin's per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified head (9F B7).At address $148A94, 5, and 6, changed initials code from 27 13 2F to 21 0B 2A (BLK).Replaced Scooter Pie's portrait with Griffin's. Secret character is complete.1.18:In name editor, replaced secret character Kid Silk's name with Thompson.Via address $1FC7A3, modified Kid Silk's stats to match Thompson's per NBA Jam 2k17. Also modified head (9B B7).At address $148AA9, AA, and AB, changed initials code from 0A 32 2A to 0A 2B 38 (KLY).Replaced Kid Silk's portrait with Thompson's. Secret character is complete.1.19:In name editor, replaced secret character Chris Kirby's name with Johnson.Via address $1FC5E9, modified Chris Kirby's stats to match Johnson's per Mattrizzle's NBA Jam TE - Old School Ed. Also modified body color and head (AF B7).At address $148AA5, 6, and 7, changed initials code from 22 0A 3A to 24 11 35 (ERV).Modified Lebron James' hair to reflect that of Joe Dumars (0B B8)Replaced Kirby's portrait with Johnson's. Secret character is complete.1.20:In name editor, replaced secret character Jason Falcus' name with .Via address $1FC6C4, modified Falcus' stats, etc. Head is at $1FC6EB and C (13 B8, as of v1.26).At address $148ABB, C, and D, changed initials code from 29 05 3A.Replaced Falcus' portrait with 's. Secret character is complete.1.21:Added Tera Patrick portrait. Secret character is complete.1.22:Added portrait. Secret character is complete.1.23:(5/14/17) Improved portrait for regular character .In name editor, replaced secret character Muskett's name with Laimbeer.In name editor, replaced secret character Hill's name with Thomas.Via address $1FC6ED, modified Muskett's stats to agree with Laimbeer's per Mattrizzle's NBA Jam TE - Old School Ed.Likewise, at $1FC707, modified Hill's for Thomas.At address $148AA9, AA, and AB, changed Muskett's initials code from 2C 22 2C to 21 28 2B (BIL).At address $148AA9, AA, and AB, changed Hill's initials code from 2D 23 27 to 33 2E 2C (TOM).Replaced Muskett's portrait with Laimbeer's. Secret character is complete.Replaced Hill's portrait with Thomas'. Secret character is complete.1.24:In name editor, replaced secret character Jay Moon's name with Ainge.Via address $1FC7D7, modified Moon's stats, etc. At address $148B1C, D, and E, changed initials code from 09 20 38 to 03 2D 38 (DNY).Replaced Moon's portrait with Ainge's. Secret character is complete.Using Player Editor, adjusted the All-Star roster to include the secret characters I've swapped and other interesting team-ups. 1.25:Added updated portrait to that secret character.Changed roll call text for A.C. Green to read Shaq.1.26: (the homestretch!)In name editor, changed Snake Palmer to . Changed Chow-Chow to Duncan. Changed Brutah to Bryant.Via address $1FC603, reset Snake's stats for the .Via address $1FC8DB, reset Chow-Chow's stats for Duncan. If I messed anything up, it's at the 6F right after.Via address $1FC73B, reset Brutah's stats for Bryant.Duncan and Bryant will use head F7 B7.At address $148AA5, 6, and 7, changed initials code from 26 2E 25.At address $148B03, 4, and 5, changed initials code from 00 2C 37 to 13 28 2C (TIM).At address $148B09, 0A, and 0B, changed initials code from 2B 26 0D to 21 11 18 (BRY).Replaced Jordan's portrait (improvement).Using name editor and hex editor, replaced Air Dog's stats with Air Jordan's.Replaced Air Dog's portrait with Air Jordan's. Secret character complete.In name editor, changed Kabuki to Toasty![5/18/17] In name editor, changed Randall Cunningham to Jackson. Changed Stud Muffin to D. Darhk. Changed Weasel to Michaels.Via address $1FC929, reset Randall Cunningham's stats to 10s for Bo Jackson (ala Tecmo Bowl). Head at $1FC941 and 2 is B3 B8.Via address $1FC929, reset Weasel's stats for Shawn Michaels. Head at $1FC76D and E is 2F B8.Via address $1FC9C5, reset Stud Muffin's stats for Damien Darhk. Head at $1FC9DD and E is 2B B8.At address $148B0F, 10, and 11, changed initials code from 31 20 18 to 07 21 0A (HBK).At address $148B33, 4, and 5, changed initials code from 26 3A 25 to 20 31 2E (ARO).At address $148B57, 8, and 9, changed initials code from 0F 27 28 to 01 2E 3A (BO ).Replaced Moosekat's portrait with BJ Armstrong's.Via address $1FC9DF, reset Moosekat's stats for Armstrong's.At address $148B39, 40, and 41, changed initials code from 2C 2F 05 to 21 29 1A (BJ ). Secret character Armstrong is complete.Added new Tera Patrick portrait. Secret character complete.Added new portrait. Secret character complete.[5/19/17] Added Toasty! portrait. Secret character complete.Added portrait. Secret character complete.Added Tim Duncan portrait. Secret character complete.Added Kobe Bryant portrait. Secret character complete.Added Damien Darhk portrait. Secret character complete.[5/20/17] Added Bo Jackson portrait. Secret character complete.Added Shawn Michaels portrait. Secret character complete.Cleaned up portrait.Swapped out 3 slots in All-Stars roster to add Jackson/Thomas, Robinson/Duncan, and Bryant/Shaq teams.While testing secret character codes, noted that Crunch's initials were improperly set to BRN. Changed to CRN.Might've been an error on my part when setting initials in characters previously.Time to Jam!!!!1.27:$0B18CF section allows for roster changes for teams, including expanding the rosters before all 27 teams are beaten.To experiment with this, at $0B19CA, changed value 80 to 00 to unlock Bulls slots 7 - 12.At $0B19F0, changed value FF to 00 to unlock slots 13 - 20. Team roster is fully unlocked.Changed names for secret characters Mike D, Adrock, and MCA to , Norris, and Durant, respectively.Via address $1FC943, reset Mike D's stats for .Via address $1FC95D, reset Adrock's stats for Chuck Norris.Via address $1FC977, reset MCA's stats for Kevin Durant, based on NBA Jam 2k17.At address $148B5D, E, and F, changed initials code from 2C 0A 23.At address $148B63, 4, and 5, changed initials code from 00 23 31 to 13 24 37 (TEX). At address $148B69, 70, and 71, changed initials code from 2C 22 00 to 2A 24 15 (KEV).Added portrait. Secret character complete.Added Norris portrait. Secret character complete.Added Durant portrait. Secret character complete.1.28:When I was creating the - character, I accidentally reversed the speed attribute bytes. She moved so fast, Turbo wasn't needed. So, as an additional throwback to Tecmo Bowl, reset the Bo Jackson attributes to exceed the game's maxes (in most cases, replacing 0A with 0F or FF, for speed --> 44 16, for 3s --> E2 99, for dunk 0A (so the game doesn't crash).2.01 (5/27/17):Near address $0778AA, using TileMolester, changed the two Rookies graphics (player select screen and end-of-game box score) to read U.S.A. (U.S.A. 92 for select screen).Near address #0BDB00, located scoreboard tiles. Changed Rookies to read U.S.A. If U.S.A. wins, end of game will now read "U.S.A WIN!"Note that tiles are 4bpp planar composite (or 4BPP SNES, Normal if using YY-CHR).Changed the Rookies roster to cycle through the 1992 Dream Team.2.02 (5/28/17):Updated the Pistons roster for the Motor City Bad Boys, with Grant Hill on the extended roster.Located start menu graphics near $09C670.In name editor, replaced secret character Prince Charles' name with Hasselhoff.Via address $1FC6D1, modified Prince Charles' head to match Sal DiVita's (3B B8).At address $148AF7, 8, and 9, changed initials code from 31 2E 18 to 27 2E 05 (HOF). Replaced Prince Charles' portrait with Hasselhoff's. Secret character is complete.Changed U.S.A. in end-of-game box score to Dream Team.2.03 (5/29/17): Via TileMolester (settings = 2x2 tiles, 4bpp planar/composite), imported an in-game ZSNES save state to determine player palettes.At address $1D684B, revised the first head sprite tile to look like . Did this for the next 15 tiles (each address is +0xB0 or 139 bytes from the last).2.04 (5/30/17):Via address $1FC991, modified Hillary Clinton's stats to create Hulk Hogan.At address $148B2D, E, and F, changed initials code from 07 22 1A to 0D 36 0E (NWO). Replaced Hillary Clinton's portrait with Hogan's. Secret character is complete.Revised heads for brunettes (hair longer, no bangs).2.05:Replaced Bill Curley with Dennis Rodman and set him up in the Pistons line-up (black hair, Motor City Bad Boys Rodman).Swapped in Hogan/Rodman nWo team onto the All-stars roster.2.06 (6/2/17):Using addresses $27000 to $27A8F, added player stats data for every player to the hex. Then, modified pointers at the following addresses to point to this data (changed from C9 B0 12 to 00 F0 14):$51B1A; $51B37; $51B91; $51BAE; $51C19; $51C36; $51C90; $51CAD.(6/3/17) Revised Bulls roster to add back B.J. Armstrong. removed from roster.Revised Suns roster to add Barkley and Ainge.Note: When I did this, the pointer for the head graphic in the Acclaim logo changed to the bald player, as the pointer is to the head graphic at $1FC83D and E (player $65) section.The pointer comes from whoever the first player on the Suns is... via address $B1F0F. Taking the 2.01 ROM and changing that value to 37 caused the Vlade Divac head to generate on the Acclaim logo.Taking the original JAM TE ROM and changing this value to 37 placed Luc Longley's head on the Acclaim logo player's body but did not adjust the body's skin tone.Need the pointer to point to $B19D9.Revised head sprites for brunettes.2.07 (6/5/17):At addresses $1FBA3B and $1FC76F, revised Jordan characters' stats to match more balanced ones per Mattrizzle's NBA Jam TE - Old School Ed.At addresses $27900 and $270E0, revised Jordan characters' visual stats to match the revised ones per this update.At address $148AFD, changed hex from 3B 1B 3B 7A 01 01 to 38 00 2E 7A 04 01, unlocking the Steven Tyler secret player for use, changed the initials to YAO, and changed the buttons to Start/Y, A, Start/Y.Adjusted stats as follows to match those per NBA Jam 2k17 ($278D0 for player visual stats; $1FC721 for game values): Speed = 6; 3Pts = 1; Dunk = 8; Pass = 6; Power = 8; Steal = 5; Block = 9; Clutch = 7. Head graphic pointer ($1FC739 and 40) is currently at A7 B8 (#B8A7 is not otherwise used in the game). Changed to 5F B7.[6/6/17] Using name editor, changed name of character 7A from Tyler to Yao. Also edited All-Stars Roster to replace Olajuwon/Mutombo with Barkley/Yao.[6/7/17] Added Yao portrait, based upon NBA Jam 2k17. Secret character complete.[6/8/17] The name editor appears to be corrupting the ROM when trying to change Tyler to Yao, such that the attract mode will crash. Using TileMolester, and at address $0B624A, manually edited the name tile.2.08:At address $148A7F, reset initials for all secret characters such that the button presses are Start/Y, * (any button), Start/Y.Stopped at address $148B6E; this is the last byte for secret character initials.2.09 (6/13/17):Edited banner pointer table to add back those Mortal Kombat banners that were originally in the game but removed at the request of the NBA prior to release.Edits made to addresses $1FD424 (now 80 96 58); $1FD439 (now 00 DA 58); $1FD43C ("WINNERS DONT DO DRUGS" now 80 C3 58); and $1FD445 (now 60 D4 58).Edited features screens to highlight certain improvements made via the v1.01 - 2.09 mod.[6/17/17] Modified the 2nd start-up screen to serve as an acknowledgements screen for the Double Z mod.[6/20/17] Using player editor, modified roster for Washington team to add Juwan Howard (character was in the ROM but not placed in game upon its release).Since player value stats were removed from the game, his head graphic and height will (and must) point to Mookie Blaylock. To change one could change both.This would be the same for Clifford Rozier (other unused player in the ROM) if he were added back as well. So... I just made Mookie tall...2.10 (6/21/17):Additional revisions to features screens.Replaced in roll call screen with Steve Kerr. 1996 Bulls roster to come.Using player editor, within the Bulls roster, swapped back in the Luc Longley player.Kerr will be inserted in the Longley position.Using name editor, revised the Longley player's name to read Kerr.Using player editor and Hang Time stats for Kerr, revised player stats for Kerr. Revised height as well.Via hex editor, located displayed player values for Kerr ($027100) and checked to make sure they match those inserted via player editor.Replaced portrait. Kerr is in the game![6/23/17] At address $1FBA87 and 8, changed head graphic to 63 B8. Changed those head graphics to be lighter shades of bro

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