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Bobby Solo Discography Torrent

but, if our cover is white, the text will be black. the sound 'if not made, has been made'. after all what johnny cash and a few others did was a draft of others to do it. and often the more it's done the more you are moved and inspired to do it yourself.

Bobby Solo Discography Torrent

this set of recording for columbia was also a milestone in the career of one of the most imaginative and innovative musicians on the planet. herbie mann's incredible vistas is an album of great beauty and emotional depth, and on which he explores the possibilities of his electric guitar with a genius that rivals and surpasses that of the best acoustic players and which, over the course of the next 50 years, would be matched by a number of other fantastic guitarists.

i think the most important thing was that both sides of the record were, i guess, a real statement of what i wanted to do. being on the same label as that incredible group of guitar players jimmy smith, lonnie smith, eddie hazel and kenny burrell were also very inspirational, just knowing all these people were around was inspirational.

after they recorded in london in 1951, the trio split up and this group of three bop tunes were recorded here in the summer of that year. billie holiday was one of only two singers whose longevity and talent were demonstrated in these sessions. although billed as billies session at the time of recording, the songs were all by hoagy carmichael and were popular standards at the time. the material is effectively showcased on this performance, the originals willow weep for me, heart and soul and the oscar peterson composition quiet nights. (ks)

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