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Whatsapp Status In Marathi 39

Most users have a short attention span and the shorter the status, the happier the person is seeing it. Remember that and then make longer WhatsApp status videos, keeping your WhatsApp family in mind.

whatsapp status in marathi 39


This is the best occasion to get the latest English Shayari Status for use on guys. When there is love, there is pain, and when there is pain, there is Shayari. Many people use English Shayari status on their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram statuses to express their feelings. It is very trendy and impressive. You can easily impress others with your status. Here is the collection of sad, romantic, and motivational Shayari for poetry lovers.

By India Today Web Desk: WhatsApp has a status feature where people share photos, videos, messages, or even links with all the contacts on WhatsApp. You can choose to share your status updates with selected contacts only or with all your contacts. By default, your status updates are shared with all your contacts.

In case you already posted a status and then want to change the status privacy setting, then the new setting will be applicable to the new status that you post afterward and not on the previous one which you already sent.

WhatsApp introduced the disappearing messages feature last year and it will now let users increase the time of disappearing messages up to 90 days. Further, WhatsApp users will now also have the option to turn on disappearing messages by default for all new chats.

Till now, the disappearing messages feature automatically removed the messages from a chat after seven days. Disappearing messages when enabled automatically deletes all messages from a chat. The company is adding two new durations for disappearing messages: 24 hours and 90 days, as well as the existing option of seven days.

Critics argue that Wikipedia's open nature and a lack of proper sources for most of the information makes it unreliable.[202] Some commentators suggest that Wikipedia may be reliable, but that the reliability of any given article is not clear.[203] Editors of traditional reference works such as the Encyclopædia Britannica have questioned the project's utility and status as an encyclopedia.[204] Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has claimed that Wikipedia has largely avoided the problem of "fake news" because the Wikipedia community regularly debates the quality of sources in articles.[205]

In April 2010, Sanger wrote a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, outlining his concerns that two categories of images on Wikimedia Commons contained child pornography, and were in violation of US federal obscenity law.[251][252] Sanger later clarified that the images, which were related to pedophilia and one about lolicon, were not of real children, but said that they constituted "obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children", under the PROTECT Act of 2003.[253] That law bans photographic child pornography and cartoon images and drawings of children that are obscene under American law.[253] Sanger also expressed concerns about access to the images on Wikipedia in schools.[254] Wikimedia Foundation spokesman Jay Walsh strongly rejected Sanger's accusation,[255] saying that Wikipedia did not have "material we would deem to be illegal. If we did, we would remove it."[255] Following the complaint by Sanger, Wales deleted sexual images without consulting the community. After some editors who volunteered to maintain the site argued that the decision to delete had been made hastily, Wales voluntarily gave up some of the powers he had held up to that time as part of his co-founder status. He wrote in a message to the Wikimedia Foundation mailing-list that this action was "in the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted".[256] Critics, including Wikipediocracy, noticed that many of the pornographic images deleted from Wikipedia since 2010 have reappeared.[257]

Andrew Lih and Andrew Brown both maintain editing Wikipedia with smartphones is difficult and this discourages new potential contributors.[372][373] Lih states that the number of Wikipedia editors has been declining after several years,[372] and Tom Simonite of MIT Technology Review claims the bureaucratic structure and rules are a factor in this. Simonite alleges some Wikipedians use the labyrinthine rules and guidelines to dominate others and those editors have a vested interest in keeping the status quo.[56] Lih alleges there is a serious disagreement among existing contributors on how to resolve this. Lih fears for Wikipedia's long-term future while Brown fears problems with Wikipedia will remain and rival encyclopedias will not replace it.[372][373]

In addition to logistic growth in the number of its articles,[380] Wikipedia has steadily gained status as a general reference website since its inception in 2001.[381] The number of readers of Wikipedia worldwide reached 365 million at the end of 2009.[382] The Pew Internet and American Life project found that one third of US Internet users consulted Wikipedia.[383] In 2011, Business Insider gave Wikipedia a valuation of $4 billion if it ran advertisements.[384]

In 2006, Time magazine recognized Wikipedia's participation (along with YouTube, Reddit, MySpace, and Facebook) in the rapid growth of online collaboration and interaction by millions of people worldwide.[407] On September 16, 2007, The Washington Post reported that Wikipedia had become a focal point in the 2008 US election campaign, saying: "Type a candidate's name into Google, and among the first results is a Wikipedia page, making those entries arguably as important as any ad in defining a candidate. Already, the presidential entries are being edited, dissected and debated countless times each day."[408] An October 2007 Reuters article, titled "Wikipedia page the latest status symbol", reported the recent phenomenon of how having a Wikipedia article vindicates one's notability.[409]

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