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1836, kye-bosk, in British English slang phrase put the kibosh on, of unknown origin, despite intense speculation. The earliest citation is in Dickens. Looks Yiddish, but its original appearance in a piece set in the heavily Irish "Seven Dials" neighborhood in the West End of London seems to argue against this.

One candidate is Irish caip bháis, caipín báis "cap of death," sometimes said to be the black cap a judge would don when pronouncing a death sentence, but in other sources this is identified as a gruesome method of execution "employed by Brit. forces against 1798 insurgents" [Bernard Share, "Slanguage, A Dictionary of Irish Slang"]. Coles' dictionary of "difficult terms" (1684) has cabos'd "having the head cut off close to the shoulders." Or the word might somehow be connected with Turkish bosh (see bosh).

To use this command, run bosh -e MY-ENV vms to see an overview of all virtual machines managed byBOSH, or bosh -e MY-ENV -d MY-DEPLOYMENT vms to see only the virtual machines associated with aparticular deployment. Replace MY-ENV with your environment, and, if using the -d flag, alsoreplace MY-DEPLOYMENT with the name of a deployment.

When troubleshooting an issue with your deployment, bosh vms may show a VM inan unknown state.Run bosh cloud-check on a VM in an unknown state to instruct BOSH todiagnose problems with the VM.

Run the bosh cloud-check command to instruct BOSH to detect differencesbetween the VM state database maintained by the BOSH Director and the actualstate of the VMs. For each difference detected, bosh cloud-check can offer thefollowing repair options:

At Bosh Chemical, our customers come first. We offer FAST and FREE shipping on every item! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your item, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Just contact

Example of downloading the cloud_controller_ng.log file from and uploading a file to a Cloud Controller api vm using the bosh scp command. These examples assume you have the appropriate BOSH_* environment variables set to access the director and ssh/scp the api instance.

We are going to use bosh create-env command to install BOSH Director. bosh create-env command provides a way to install initial VM with BOSH Director on any IaaS (AWS, GCP, etc). In our case we will use VirtualBox as our infrastructure provider.

Our release allows to change property port on which server is listening. You can see the list of properties that can be modified in learn-bosh-release/jobs/app/spec. Let's open manifest.yml and under the section properties set the value of port to 8888. Now we can just re-deploy our manifest changes. Note, we don't need to build new release version, configuration files will be regenerated with new properties.

One of the components in BOSH is the Health Monitor. It independently watches system health and will bring missing instances back up by instructing infrastructure to recreate missing resources like VMs with the required persistent disk. Keep running bosh -e vbox instances and see that instance is brought up and service is running eventually. 041b061a72

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