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Discover Islam with These Educational and Entertaining Quizzes

Test your knowledge of Muslims and Islam by taking our 12-question quiz. The questions in this quiz come from our email mini-course that explores the demographics, beliefs and opinions of Muslims in the U.S. and around the world in four short lessons delivered to your inbox.

Most of the world's major religions are made up of multiple sects or denominations, and Islam is no different. Islam's two major sects are the Sunnis and the Shiites, and the division and interplay between the two is a major factor in the geopolitics of the Middle East. How well do you understand Sunni and Shiite Islam? Take our quiz and find out!

islam quiz

This quiz/worksheet combo will help check your understanding of the lesson on comparing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Some of the details that you will be assessed on include figures and stories shared among the three religions' respective holy books.

This week, Myanmar held its first free elections in 25 years, an Islamic State killer was targeted in a U.S. airstrike, and people around the world celebrated a festival with firecrackers and dance. Test your knowledge of these international events and more in our 5-minute quiz.

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