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Flower PNG Collection | The Best Source of Floral Graphics and Cliparts

Spore FlowerLifeformHitpointsN/A (can be only blown up)Damage5 HP/sec (gas)BehaviorHostile, stationaryThe Spore Flower is a hostile creature found in the world. It appears as a large, brightly colored flower on the ground, with its bright blue stamen pointing directly up towards the sky. A closer look will reveal a set of six legs or roots tucked underneath the red petals of the plant. The central stamen is actually a head, with two small yellow eyes being visible. They nearly always appear in groups (of up to 15) and are incapable of movement besides standing up.

Glommer's Flower is an Item found in the Reign of Giants DLC and in Don't Starve Together. It is obtained on the night of a Full Moon at Glommer's Statue where it will bloom, emitting light. Picking the flower will make the Glommer that spawned nearby follow the player as long as it is in the inventory, much like Chester. It can be used to craft the Old Bell and it is renewable, even if the statue is destroyed. The flower is viewed as edible by mobs and at danger of being eaten by Werepigs.

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When a Glommer connected to a flower dies, the flower converts into a perishable item which spoils after 6 days. In this state, it can be used as fuel for fires or the Ice Flingomatic. A perishable flower can still be used to craft an Old Bell.

There are exactly 4 Purple Bell Flower found in the Forest of Valor, and another of the same type and color will only appear after one of those has been picked. There is an internal-game timer for this flower type which respawns one every 30 minutes, and it can take up to 2 hours to fully repopulate all of these flowers in the biome.

Silk FlowerItem TypeLiyue Local SpecialtiesInventory CategoryMaterialsDescriptionA crimson flower that blooms like the rainbow clouds in Liyue. It can be made into silky-smooth fabric.How to ObtainSource1Found in Liyue Harbor and Wangshu InnSource 2Sold by Ms. Bai, Qiuwei, and Verr GoldetSource 3Gardening with Luxuriant Glebe

Silk Flowers grow in pairs on small red bushes. They are found exclusively at the base of Wangshu Inn and in the flowerbeds of Yujing Terrace, Liyue Harbor's upper residential area. Just like any other local speciality, Silk Flowers will respawn 48 hours from time of harvest.

Blue flowers are harvested after planting mithril seeds. When planting the mithril seeds, players have an option to either pick the flowers to obtain the item, or to let them grow. Blue flowers are among the more common flowers. Flowers that are left to grow will stay on the ground temporarily, for around 5 minutes. Players cannot pick these flowers, and they are always white when unpicked.

These flowers can be used in Summoning as a tertiary ingredient for infusing Praying mantis pouches. They are also used in some emote clues. They can be wielded in the weapon slot, and were classified as a fun weapon in the Duel Arena.

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